Writer’s Block


I’ve thought a lot late­ly about the fact that I have missed a few blog posts over the last few weeks. Truth is, I’ve come up dry. Some call it writer’s block. What­ev­er you call it doesn’t real­ly mat­ter. I have sat down mul­ti­ple times to write and noth­ing mate­ri­al­izes on the screen. The best way to describe it is, “I was dry.”

This remind­ed me of the many ways we can be dry. There is the writer’s block kind of dry. That frus­trat­ing and ago­niz­ing time when a writer just can’t put words togeth­er on the screen. For a writer the only thing worse than writer’s block is to launch your pre­cious work into the wild world and to have peo­ple hate it. That’s much worse, but we will save that for anoth­er day.

Then there is the phys­i­cal dry­ness. Those times when you are so thirsty that your mouth feels like chalk and the very act of swal­low­ing is hin­dered by the fact that you have no sali­va to swal­low. I have lived in the desert from time to time and there is noth­ing quite like the heat of the day and a lack of liq­uid. It could dri­ve a per­son to crazy depths just to quench the mon­ster thirst. Crazy thing is that when you get past a cer­tain point of dehy­dra­tion you may not even real­ize it. They say that peo­ple often think they are hun­gry so they eat, but the truth is they are actu­al­ly dehy­drat­ed.

What about spir­i­tu­al dry­ness? That’s a sneaky one. It doesn’t always declare itself. It makes me think of the sto­ry of the frog that took a bath in the pot of luke­warm water. As the water got warmer, the frog stayed until he was cooked. Spir­i­tu­al dry­ness can be like that. It can sneak up on us.

If you have found your­self to be dry spir­i­tu­al­ly, you may be like the frog in the pot. Just as it’s impor­tant to drink enough so we don’t get dehy­drat­ed, it’s impor­tant to rec­og­nize when we need a spir­i­tu­al drink.

There is only one place to get liv­ing water that soothes the spir­it. That’s at the feet of Jesus. I want to encour­age you to take a moment and drink some cool, clear water for your body, as well as spend­ing time with Jesus, drink­ing spir­i­tu­al water that will nev­er run dry.

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