To Name a Child

Cliff-in-Clouds.jpgGiving a book a title is kind of like naming a child. It takes months of agonizing work slaving over words and ideas to produce a finished product. Tears are often shed when a wave of frustration at not being able to find the right word hits like a freight train. There are sleepless nights when the story rolls around and around in your head and you can’t seem to find the off switch.

Then, after spending countless hours crafting and forming prose that sings like an angel you kick it out there and hope someone relishes your efforts as much as you do. But wait. What about a name? It can’t be any old name. It needs to express the feelings and emotions of your work. It needs to sing just as much as the rest.

You come up with the perfect title. Then you look to see if anyone else has used your idea of perfection. Bummer! It’s been used 50 billion times already! How is that possible? I can’t use that title and be unique! Ugh! Let’s go back to the drawing board of imagination and creativity. Except, it’s a blank, unwavering chalk board! Every idea has already been used at least 20 billion times!

Coming up with the impeccable title that hasn’t been too over used and yet fits your book is a challenge.

It reminds me of when we named our kids. With one child, we just couldn’t agree on a name we both liked. We had 9 months to decide and yet, when the time came to put a name on paper we had nothing. That poor boy was called “Baby Boy Smuin” for the first two weeks of his life! It wasn’t until the hospital called and said we had until 5 pm to name him or his paperwork would be turned into the courthouse as “Baby Boy Smuin” did we agree on his name.

The next one, however, was entirely different. From the moment we found out she was cooking we both knew the name and we never wavered.

That’s why I think naming a book is kind of like naming a child. Shimmer came to me while it was being written and it’s a great title. The book we are finishing up is another story. We have tossed around ideas but can’t seem to find the right one. Only time will tell what it will be. Stay tuned for the cover reveal and the name that we have slaved over. The name that kept us up at night. The name that we travailed over so we could get it just right!

The name that sings!




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