open faced watchHave you ever just stopped and thought about how much we waste? I have to admit I hate waste of all kind. It’s one of my pet peeves. Dri­ves me bat­ty!

There are lots of dif­fer­ent things to waste. First thing that comes to mind is food. Have you ever gone into one of those buf­fet restau­rants and watched the plates get hauled off with piles of food still on them? I’m guilty of this offense. You know what I ‘m talk­ing about. The bowl of deli­cious look­ing fluff is in front of you so you take a scoop of what you think is going to be a culi­nary delight. How­ev­er, upon tak­ing a large mouth­ful you have to resist the urge to return said item back to your plate. Thus, the piles of dis­card­ed food on the plate that the server takes away. Yes, that’s waste and I’m guilty, unfor­tu­nate­ly.

What about mon­ey? Do you clip coupons and look for the best deal or do you just buy what­ev­er you want when you want it? I know clip­ping coupons and shop­ping sales is a bit of a drag some­times. You know what I’m talk­ing about. You’re in a hur­ry and you end up in what you think is going to be the fastest line. Then you look up and see the lady hand the cashier a mound of cut coupons. And inside you groan! This is going to take a while while every sin­gle lit­tle scrap of paper is scanned. Trust me, that lady has paid dear­ly for every one of those .50 sav­ings she gets but it adds up!

But all this to get to my main point! What about time? Have you ever con­sid­ered how much time you waste? When it comes to food, there’s usu­al­ly more where that came from. Mon­ey, go to work tomor­row and you’ll make more. Time? Nope, once it’s gone, you don’t ever get that moment back. Anoth­er takes its place but it’s a lim­it­ed and pre­cious com­mod­i­ty that you only get one shot at.

There was a time in my life when I was strug­gling with whether I should go back to col­lege and fin­ish my degree. My aunt said to me, “The next 2 years are going to pass whether you go back or not. You can choose to be at the end of those 2 years with a degree or with­out. But you are still going to live those 2 years. Choose wise­ly.”

Had she not encour­aged me, I might not have gone back. Those years are gone and I have the degrees. So I want to encour­age you to spend your time wise­ly. Are you spend­ing your time in such a way that you will get where you want to go? Are you cap­tur­ing those moments with your kids? Are you stop­ping to smell the ros­es while your lit­tle per­son still wants to smell them with you? Time is a price­less com­mod­i­ty. Spend it wise­ly!

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