open faced watchHave you ever just stopped and thought about how much we waste? I have to admit I hate waste of all kind. It’s one of my pet peeves. Drives me batty!

There are lots of different things to waste. First thing that comes to mind is food. Have you ever gone into one of those buffet restaurants and watched the plates get hauled off with piles of food still on them? I’m guilty of this offense. You know what I ‘m talking about. The bowl of delicious looking fluff is in front of you so you take a scoop of what you think is going to be a culinary delight. However, upon taking a large mouthful you have to resist the urge to return said item back to your plate. Thus, the piles of discarded food on the plate that the server takes away. Yes, that’s waste and I’m guilty, unfortunately.

What about money? Do you clip coupons and look for the best deal or do you just buy whatever you want when you want it? I know clipping coupons and shopping sales is a bit of a drag sometimes. You know what I’m talking about. You’re in a hurry and you end up in what you think is going to be the fastest line. Then you look up and see the lady hand the cashier a mound of cut coupons. And inside you groan! This is going to take a while while every single little scrap of paper is scanned. Trust me, that lady has paid dearly for every one of those .50 savings she gets but it adds up!

But all this to get to my main point! What about time? Have you ever considered how much time you waste? When it comes to food, there’s usually more where that came from. Money, go to work tomorrow and you’ll make more. Time? Nope, once it’s gone, you don’t ever get that moment back. Another takes its place but it’s a limited and precious commodity that you only get one shot at.

There was a time in my life when I was struggling with whether I should go back to college and finish my degree. My aunt said to me, “The next 2 years are going to pass whether you go back or not. You can choose to be at the end of those 2 years with a degree or without. But you are still going to live those 2 years. Choose wisely.”

Had she not encouraged me, I might not have gone back. Those years are gone and I have the degrees. So I want to encourage you to spend your time wisely. Are you spending your time in such a way that you will get where you want to go? Are you capturing those moments with your kids? Are you stopping to smell the roses while your little person still wants to smell them with you? Time is a priceless commodity. Spend it wisely!

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