The Unforgotten Past

the unforgotten past

The Unforgotten Past is a wonderful story written by, Brianne E. Pryor, a very talented young lady. It is a sweeping tale of multiple generations and the choices that define us all.  It is told in an easy to read style and is an enjoyable book.

The Unforgotten Past tells the story of a wealthy young man, Ricky, that is in love with the maid, Susan. They attempt to hide the love they feel for each other, but in the end, the truth always comes out. The young couple must learn some valuable lessons about what’s really important and how to fight for it.

Meanwhile, Ricky’s sister falls in love and her choice in love sets the course for many other lives. It is a good picture of how the choices we all make have an impact on so many other people.

I strongly recommend this book if you enjoy a story that’s full of good and bad choices, the direction those choices take us and the triumph of love.

The Unforgotten Past by new author Brianne E. Pryor is a beautifully written book. Check it out by following the links on this page.

Be sure to check out The Unforgotten Past Part 2 as the story continues!

Brianne E. Pryor is an up and coming author and I will look forward future books!


  • Emerald

    Reply Reply April 22, 2016

    Yup! I recommend it to, it was a great read!

    • Angela Smuin

      Reply Reply May 22, 2016

      The second one is excellent too! I’m looking forward to the third one and the conclusion of the story.

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