The Unforgotten Past Part 2

the unforgotten pastThe Unforgotten Past part 2 , by Brianne E. Pryor, is the continuing story of millionaire Ricky Nash and his niece, LooAnne. The book picks right up where part 1 finished.

LooAnne goes to bed angry with harsh words being spoken. She is awoken in the middle of the night to the house consumed with fire. LooAnne must act quickly or lose the only thing that truly matters to her.

Family bonds are stretched to the limit as the Nash family struggles to survive the latest attacks from the Luther family. While Ricky’s life hangs in the balance, LooAnne must make the ultimate sacrifice.

LooAnne is a strong and loyal young lady who discovers herself in giving up herself. She is willing to sacrifice everything for her uncle, even if it means her life. She is brave and determined. You want to root for her to overcome the odds. A David and Goliath situation forces her to face her worse nightmare.  She overcomes with strength of character and grit.

This is a great follow up of the first book. It leaves you wanting to read the next installment, but it’s not a cliff hanger.

I recommend reading it. The third book is soon to be released as well. Something to look forward to!

For a breakout new author,  Brianne E. PryorThe Unforgotten Past part 2 is excellent work!

You can find the first book here, just in case you missed it! The Unforgotten Past Part 1

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