The Reality of Self Publishing

Shimmer: The Chronicles of Maladore

The Chronicles of Maladore

There are many advantages to getting a big publishing house to publish your book. They do the editing, formatting and cover design for you. You write the book and they take care of the production aspects. That’s great but what about the rights to the book? So sorry, the publishing house now owns your book.  They tell you how you will promote and give you a royalty. But you have lost control of your creative endeavor.

As a child I always dreamed of being a writer. So as I grew up I studied the publishing industry and tried to understand how I could get a publishing contract. I was amazed as I watched the industry of writing and publishing change over the years. I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first. I had believed the lie that self publishing wasn’t really publishing.  That is not true any more!

I eventually discovered that self publishing was indeed a viable option for writers.  True, the author was responsible for all aspects of the production of said book.  That is a lot of responsibility for a creative person. Details don’t really come naturally for me! I can assure you the amount of details involved in publishing a book are of epic proportions.

As I am working on the various aspects of our newest book, I was reminded that I was doing what had seemed impossibly difficult only a year ago.  A year ago we wrote our first fiction book, Shimmer, and tackled self publishing. It was a daunting task.  But I can assure you it is doable!  We did it and you can too!

At this point we have moved over 600 copies of Shimmer.

Now as we prepare to publish the second book in the series, The Chronicles of Maladore, I am overwhelmed with the truth that we own all the rights to our book. We can promote and market as we see fit. We have total control of our creative product. What a freedom there is in that!

Self publishing is such an amazing opportunity for any author that has a story to tell. It is no longer up to some publishing company to decide if your work is good enough. It is up to the readers to decide.

Big thank you’s to all of our readers that have decided that the adventures in the land of Maladore are worthy of your time.

Blessings to you all as we continue our journey of writing stories that have a message. Be sure to read the newest and soon to be released,

Redemption’s Price: The Chronicle of Maladore

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