The Miracle of Life

The miracle of life! I’ve written before about the animals that also call my property home. The variety of creatures that mill about our pond and acreage are varied. But one, in particular, has captivated my family. Our resident ducks!

One of the female ducks has tried for years to hatch a clutch of eggs. She lays her eggs and when she gets enough she takes a seat and patiently waits. She has failed every time, until now.

One day, she started the long process of brooding on her nest. The commitment she displayed was huge. Every once in a while she would get off the nest for a short respite but returned promptly to her post.

Finally, my kids came running into the house one sunny day yelling, “She hatched her babies!”

We all excitedly gathered at the edge of the pond to see the amazing miracle of life! What was even more amazing was the way she nurtured and cared for her ducklings. We spent a great deal of time mesmerized by the adorable ducklings as they awkwardly followed their mother out onto the water. I was particularly moved to see how she dealt with the one duckling just wouldn’t take the plunge. She quacked and urged the little guy to follow her. Eventually, he tumbled into the water and she swam to his side nudging him before gathering the rest to her side as well.

She worked so hard to become a mother even after years of failure she never gave up. She persisted and was victorious. It has given me great joy to watch as she has patiently taught her babies the skills they will need to survive. She is a fantastic mother. Her mothering instinct is in full gear and it is wonderful to watch.

As I watch this new life I am reminded of how amazing God is. He created mothers with the instinct to nurture whether in humans or animals.

I am currently eagerly waiting for the birth of our first grandchild and I am equally enthralled and amazed at the miracle of new life.  It is truly an amazing God given gift to us! I am looking forward to enjoying watching our son and daughter-in-law take on the new role of parenthood as they become parents of an incredible new life!

Take a moment today to embrace the wonder and joy of new life and never take the miracle of life for granted!

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