The Miracle of Life

The mir­a­cle of life! I’ve writ­ten before about the ani­mals that also call my prop­er­ty home. The vari­ety of crea­tures that mill about our pond and acreage are var­ied. But one, in par­tic­u­lar, has cap­ti­vat­ed my fam­i­ly. Our res­i­dent ducks!

One of the female ducks has tried for years to hatch a clutch of eggs. She lays her eggs and when she gets enough she takes a seat and patient­ly waits. She has failed every time, until now.

One day, she start­ed the long process of brood­ing on her nest. The com­mit­ment she dis­played was huge. Every once in a while she would get off the nest for a short respite but returned prompt­ly to her post.

Final­ly, my kids came run­ning into the house one sun­ny day yelling, “She hatched her babies!”

We all excit­ed­ly gath­ered at the edge of the pond to see the amaz­ing mir­a­cle of life! What was even more amaz­ing was the way she nur­tured and cared for her duck­lings. We spent a great deal of time mes­mer­ized by the adorable duck­lings as they awk­ward­ly fol­lowed their moth­er out onto the water. I was par­tic­u­lar­ly moved to see how she dealt with the one duck­ling just wouldn’t take the plunge. She quacked and urged the lit­tle guy to fol­low her. Even­tu­al­ly, he tum­bled into the water and she swam to his side nudg­ing him before gath­er­ing the rest to her side as well.

She worked so hard to become a moth­er even after years of fail­ure she nev­er gave up. She per­sist­ed and was vic­to­ri­ous. It has given me great joy to watch as she has patient­ly taught her babies the skills they will need to sur­vive. She is a fan­tas­tic moth­er. Her moth­er­ing instinct is in full gear and it is won­der­ful to watch.

As I watch this new life I am remind­ed of how amaz­ing God is. He cre­at­ed moth­ers with the instinct to nur­ture whether in humans or ani­mals.

I am cur­rent­ly eager­ly wait­ing for the birth of our first grand­child and I am equal­ly enthralled and amazed at the mir­a­cle of new life.  It is tru­ly an amaz­ing God given gift to us! I am look­ing for­ward to enjoy­ing watch­ing our son and daugh­ter-in-law take on the new role of par­ent­hood as they become par­ents of an incred­i­ble new life!

Take a moment today to embrace the won­der and joy of new life and nev­er take the mir­a­cle of life for grant­ed!

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