Sneak Peek!!

Dirt Road in the MorningI can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked, “What happens to Saphire?” and “Is Carnoff alive?”

Well, your  wait is almost over. We are returning to the land of Maladore! Yes, the next installment in The Chronicles of Maladore is almost done. I just sent it back to the editor with all the changes done that she recommended. She will look over it again and then… It’s on to formatting and publishing.
I am so excited! It has been a lot of work. Many late nights of writing with my best friend and partner in this grand adventure! Many more hours of writing and rewriting! But the time is almost here.

Stay tuned for the cover reveal of Redemption’s Price.

Following is a sneak peek of book two in The Chronicles of Maladore: Redemption’s Price.

“We rose from our seats and wove our way toward the door when a burly man pushed his way toward us.  I could see a dagger in his hand by his waist as his dark eyes bore into me. His intent was very clear and I instinctively reached for my mother’s dagger but found I had left it in my room. I pulled on Stone but his eyes had already taken in the man that was aggressively striding toward us. Neither one of us had a weapon in our possession as the man with the murderous intent on his face was almost upon us. The noise in the room made it impossible for any cry for help to be heard.”


  • Carolyn

    Reply Reply July 17, 2016

    Can’t wait to read this I know awesome book and find out what happens next 😯

    • Angela Smuin

      Reply Reply July 19, 2016

      Be sure to stay tuned it won’t be long! And thanks for the praise!

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