Sneak Peek!!

Dirt Road in the MorningI can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked, “What hap­pens to Saphire?” and “Is Carnoff alive?”

Well, your  wait is almost over. We are return­ing to the land of Mal­adore! Yes, the next install­ment in The Chron­i­cles of Mal­adore is almost done. I just sent it back to the edi­tor with all the changes done that she rec­om­mend­ed. She will look over it again and then… It’s on to for­mat­ting and pub­lish­ing.
I am so excit­ed! It has been a lot of work. Many late nights of writ­ing with my best friend and part­ner in this grand adven­ture! Many more hours of writ­ing and rewrit­ing! But the time is almost here.

Stay tuned for the cov­er reveal of Redemption’s Price.

Fol­low­ing is a sneak peek of book two in The Chron­i­cles of Mal­adore: Redemption’s Price.

We rose from our seats and wove our way toward the door when a burly man pushed his way toward us.  I could see a dag­ger in his hand by his waist as his dark eyes bore into me. His intent was very clear and I instinc­tive­ly reached for my mother’s dag­ger but found I had left it in my room. I pulled on Stone but his eyes had already tak­en in the man that was aggres­sive­ly strid­ing toward us. Nei­ther one of us had a weapon in our pos­ses­sion as the man with the mur­der­ous intent on his face was almost upon us. The noise in the room made it impos­si­ble for any cry for help to be heard.”


  • Carolyn

    Reply Reply July 17, 2016

    Can’t wait to read this I know awe­some book and find out what hap­pens next 😯

    • Angela Smuin

      Reply Reply July 19, 2016

      Be sure to stay tuned it won’t be long! And thanks for the praise!

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