Psalm 23 Part 2


Pecore al pascolo con lago

A con­tin­ued look at Psalm 23

The Lord is my Shep­herd, I shall not want!

Even though I walk through the val­ley of the shad­ow of death, I fear no evil; for Thou art with me; Thy rod and Thy staff, they com­fort me.

The “val­ley of the shad­ow of death” has also been trans­lat­ed “dark­est val­ley.” When sheep enter a dark val­ley they are scared. It is not a good thing to trav­el through a dark val­ley. Way too many dan­gers can be lurk­ing there.  This could also be talk­ing about the actu­al real­i­ty of the immi­nence of death to each one of us. Whichev­er way you decide to think about this, I know that no mat­ter what dark­ness, whether that is death or even just the dark­est of days in my life, I do not have any­thing to be afraid of! He promis­es to be with me! I’m not alone, ever!

The men­tion of a rod and staff do not con­jure up warm feel­ings in me. But to a sheep it rep­re­sents safe­ty. The shep­herd would use his staff to pro­tect not only him­self from wild ani­mals but also his sheep. He could also use the staff or rod to direct the sheep if he need­ed to.  It could also be used as a weapon or a form of dis­ci­pline if the occa­sion arose. Thus, the rod and staff “com­fort­ing me” means that Jesus will pro­tect me, guide me, dis­ci­pline me, and keep me safe from harm. I do not need to be afraid of any­thing because He is with me.

Thou dost pre­pare a table before me in the pres­ence of my ene­mies; thou hast anoint­ed my head with oil; My cup over­flows.

He has pre­pared a boun­ti­ful feast at His table with a place of hon­or just for me. Even though I may be sur­round­ed with those that wish me harm the Lord has pro­vid­ed a feast that I can sit at and my ene­mies,  though they may be all around me, can­not touch me because I am at the Lord’s table! Not only am I at the Lord’s table but He is anoint­ing my head with oil. This was some­thing done to denote great hon­or and bless­ing. God is going to meet my needs and bless me no mat­ter what is hap­pen­ing all about me.

Life may be filled with chaos and dif­fi­cul­ties but in The Lord’s pres­ence there is a feast that you are invit­ed to attend as an hon­ored guest! He wants to pour out His bless­ings and favor on you. We all love to be invit­ed to a par­ty. This is the ulti­mate par­ty and you are the guest of hon­or! Come to the table and take a seat and let the oil from heav­en anoint your head with bless­ings!

Sure­ly good­ness and lov­ingkind­ness will fol­low me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

Oh how this last verse bless­es my heart! The good­ness and lov­ing-kind­ness of the Lord will fol­low me! It will nev­er leave me just as the Lord will nev­er leave me. He is faith­ful beyond mea­sure and with His faith­ful­ness He promis­es to show­er me with His good­ness and His lov­ingkind­ness. What a trea­sure to real­ly embrace this truth.

What a mar­velous promise that I will get to dwell in the house of the Lord forever. That is my heart’s desire! To spend not only the days I am given on this earth but all of eter­ni­ty with God. There is noth­ing in this life that can com­pare with that!

The Lord tru­ly is my Shep­herd and I shall not want!



  • Angela Rake

    Reply Reply September 20, 2016

    I have nev­er read Psalm 23 taught like this. It real­ly is show­ing how great God is and His love. How much The Lord is our shep­herd in every­thing.

    • Angie Smuin

      Reply Reply September 21, 2016

      Thank you. He tru­ly is our Shep­herd and we can trust Him with every­thing! What a won­der­ful truth to embrace!

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