I am so excited! Angie is submitting the last bit of information for our new book Maladore. It will be published in the next few weeks.

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Yet I Arise

You ruthlessly beat me down Yet, I arise I refuse to perish at your hand You strike again, again and again Yet, I arise Rage fills you and empowers another blow Yet, I arise Perplexed by your inability to destroy you curse Yet, I stand firm Weak and pitiful, yet unyielding and strong How can…

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Your Eyes

When I look into your eyes I am captivated Words utterly fail to express what I see Such Depth, Such Beauty, Such Love How can it be That you would smile at me?

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Updating the Blog

Dusting off the blog site and going to give it another go! What would you like to see? More Christian poetry Meaningful blogs about parenting The Christian life How about some updates on our current writing projects Give us your opinion and help guide the blog as we get started, again!

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In celebration of our new writers blog I wanted to post a little dark poetry. What rejoicing there would be if the illumination of the soul were to return and drive out the darkness which permeates such depths? Its subtle invasion creeps along without notice until that which once shined is unrecognizable and but a…

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Writing – The Great Adventure

DNA Writing Team

It’s finally time.  We have been writing, re-writing and writing more.  We are now at the place of starting a writers blog. This is a great adventure for us as writers and as a husband and wife writing team. Come travel along with us on this great adventure of writing. Dave

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