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Intentional Discipleship

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Intentional Discipleship takes a very purposeful approach to spiritual growth and spiritual formation. This is a great discipleship book for new believers as well as those who want to take their spiritual development to a new level. Intentional Discipleship works well in a one on one discipleship setting or in a group study. There are discussion questions and a special assignment at the end of each lesson to help apply the material.

Discipleship is an intentional and relational process. There is more involved in discipleship and spiritual growth than having correct theology. Biblical principles must be learned and put into practice on a regular basis for spiritual growth to occur. Intentional Discipleship utilizes Solomon’s Temple as a model to teach believers about the human spirit, soul and the body. Learn what the human spirit is, the connection with the Holy Spirit and why the human spirit should be the Governing Agent. The human spirit is one of the least understood parts of the human design. The soul consists of the mind, will and emotions.

Intentional Discipleship teaches how to control thoughts and emotions. It also teaches how strongholds develop, how to tear them down and how to replace ungodly deceptions with the truth. This process is a key ingredient to spiritual warfare and deliverance.

Intentional Discipleship is an adaptation of the book “The Ministry of Counseling, Rebuilding Biblical Foundations” that gives a wider application to the in-depth biblical principles. It also adds discussion questions and special assignments so the information can be applied in everyday situations.

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