My Hero!

A woman prays while her shadow is a superhero.

There seems to be so many books, movies and TV shows about super­heroes. Due to a freak acci­dent or twist of genet­ics a per­son has super strength or can see through walls. One of my per­son­al favorites is Cap­tain Amer­i­ca, a sci­ence project of chem­i­cals that were inject­ed into his oth­er­wise small phys­i­cal body and radi­at­ed to turn him into the ulti­mate crime fight­ing machine.

Who wouldn’t want to be given the gift of super human pow­ers? To be able to right the wrongs that sur­round us. Because let’s face it, some­times cir­cum­stances can make us feel help­less and defense­less. I think that is the whole point.

God made us with weak­ness­es and vul­ner­a­bil­i­ties. He made us to want and need Him.

If we had super strength and could repel evil inten­tions with our sheer pres­ence we wouldn’t need God. It would go to our heads and pride would con­sume us. We would become total­ly self-suf­fi­cient rely­ing on our own abil­i­ties to make our way in this life.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, many are doing just that; except they don’t have super pow­ers. They are ordi­nary peo­ple that are try­ing to make their way in the dark.  With­out God there is no light.

Have you ever tried to walk around in the dark? It’s tough to do but after a while your eyes adjust to the dim light­ing and you may for­get that you are in the dark. You might bump into things, but that is just par for the course. You may begin to think that is how it is for every­one. Except, it isn’t!

The true source of super­pow­ers can only be found on our knees. So instead of wish­ing for super­pow­ers, may­be we should turn to God. He is the source of light and the ulti­mate super­hero.  He is my Hero!

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