MRI = Tunnel of Doom!

mri tunnelThis is your comic relief for the day. Brace yourself and try not to laugh at my discomfort. It may be hard, but at least make an effort.

So I go to the doctor and I’m told I have to get an MRI of my neck. Yah me! I take myself over to the local radiologist shop and get registered. Then I wait patiently to hear my named called. Tick tick tick.

Angela? Yes, that’s me!

I follow the nice lady into another room and I’m instructed to take everything off and put on this cloth gown that is definitely a fashion statement! Then I step out into another waiting room. Tick, tick, tick. Then two very sweet looking older ladies sit on either side of me. As they start pleasant conversation they both discover that I’m having an MRI.  The conversation is a bit downhill from there as they gladly share with me how horrific an MRI is. After hearing several horror stories of the supposed tunnel of doom I can feel my heart beat picking up just a bit.

Angela? Yes, that’s me!

They lead me into another waiting room and begin explaining to me what’s about to happen. After the cursory, “Have you ever been claustrophobic?” and my quick, “Definitely not!” They take me into the room with the tunnel of doom!

I laid down on this special little table and after they secured my head between foam cubes and gave me the panic button… “The panic button???” That just doesn’t sound good! That feeling is confirmed when the table slowly enters the tube! I look up and I’m reminded of those empty wrapping paper tubes that we whacked each other with as children. The sensational feeling of the walls closing in on me was overwhelming!

Now I’m not a claustrophobic person. So this was a totally new sensation. I told myself to close my eyes and go to my happy place! Then the noises start! Eek! Don’t move! Don’t move! And did I tell you, I can’t swallow because after all they are taking pictures of my neck. Have you ever laid on your back and been told not to swallow? I can tell you the urge to swallow the mammoth amount of saliva that is pooling in your mouth is unbelievable. I’ve never wanted to swallow so bad in my life. Where in the world did all that liquid come from anyway? Help! I’m drowning on my own spit!!

Breath! Remember to breath and enjoy that happy place! What’s that in my hand? Oh right. The panic button! No, I will not panic! Happy place. Happy place. It was more than 20 minutes of enclosed and contained claustrophobic conditions, pools of saliva, shallow breathes and happy places!

Don’t think I want to repeat that joyous experience anytime soon! My hat is off to anyone that gets an MRI of the upper part of the body! That is bravery at its best!!

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