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The Miss­ing Chap­ter

Stone is some­what of a mys­tery char­ac­ter.  Why is he not cor­rupt like his broth­er and father?  Who was his moth­er and what role did she play in his ear­ly life?  How did the monk impact his char­ac­ter?

Stone is a man of great integri­ty and char­ac­ter.  Grow­ing up sur­round­ed with evil he over­came much to become the cham­pi­on of the weak.  Get the untold sto­ry of how Stone sur­vived the death of his moth­er and became the man he is.  This miss­ing chap­ter will make you love Stone even more!

Read the miss­ing chap­ter to dis­cov­er more about Stone.

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