Make Some Memories

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One of our kids is hav­ing a 16th birth­day. Wow, time sure does fly doesn’t it?  My hus­band and I are try­ing to fig­ure out what to get him for his birth­day. 16 is such a mile­stone so we want it to some­thing spe­cial and mem­o­rable. But is that what real­ly mat­ters?

This caused me to think back to my own 16th birth­day. It is inter­est­ing what I can remem­ber. The par­ty is very vivid in my mind. I can clear­ly see the group of laugh­ing friends sit­ting in a con­vert­ible mus­tang to pose for a group pho­to. I don’t remem­ber what the presents were.  I am sure I got some­thing nice, but I don’t remem­ber it. The peo­ple, the laugh­ter, and the good times are what I remem­ber. I remem­ber good times with friends.

Will that be true of my own chil­dren as well? Will they remem­ber the stuff they had or the things they did? What about the good times of laugh­ter while play­ing a fam­i­ly board game? The week­ends spent build­ing sand castles at the beach togeth­er while the waves splashed us with water.  What about the after­noons spent with the music on and danc­ing around the room with a child in my arms till we both col­lapsed on the couch breath­less.

What kind of mem­o­ries are you plant­i­ng in your chil­dren?  We all need to under­stand that it is the amount of laugh­ter we share that makes a mem­o­ry not the amount of stuff we accu­mu­late.

It is about time and atten­tion not stuff. Go make some mem­o­ries with your kids. Build them while you still have time, for time is short and then they are grown.

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