Make Some Memories

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One of our kids is having a 16th birthday. Wow, time sure does fly doesn’t it?  My husband and I are trying to figure out what to get him for his birthday. 16 is such a milestone so we want it to something special and memorable. But is that what really matters?

This caused me to think back to my own 16th birthday. It is interesting what I can remember. The party is very vivid in my mind. I can clearly see the group of laughing friends sitting in a convertible mustang to pose for a group photo. I don’t remember what the presents were.  I am sure I got something nice, but I don’t remember it. The people, the laughter, and the good times are what I remember. I remember good times with friends.

Will that be true of my own children as well? Will they remember the stuff they had or the things they did? What about the good times of laughter while playing a family board game? The weekends spent building sand castles at the beach together while the waves splashed us with water.  What about the afternoons spent with the music on and dancing around the room with a child in my arms till we both collapsed on the couch breathless.

What kind of memories are you planting in your children?  We all need to understand that it is the amount of laughter we share that makes a memory not the amount of stuff we accumulate.

It is about time and attention not stuff. Go make some memories with your kids. Build them while you still have time, for time is short and then they are grown.

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