Life is Like Art

20160204_121912_resizedI’ve always enjoyed art. Painting, sewing and crafting have been some of my favorite pastimes. I love to create something beautiful and wondrous out of the ordinary.

Not that all art is pleasant to look at. I once went to a World War 2 remembrance art show. Wow! Tough stuff to look at. Heart wrenching and agonizing. But then there are the abstract collections that are just over the top weird. The spectrum in the art world is quite varied.

You can go to an art class where a room full of people are all painting the same subject. They all have the same paints, similar canvases and same teacher. Yet, all the paintings are distinctly different. The variety in the world of art is huge.

Life is full of variations and differences but that’s not why art is like life.

God makes this life like art. He gives you the size and shape of your canvas and the paints in your palette. It’s up to you to make a beautiful painting out of what you’ve been given.  Some of us have bigger canvasses than others. Some palettes are full of multi hues of blue and orange while others have lots of grey and white. Everyone has a different part of the rainbow in their palette. We each have different strengths and weaknesses. Abilities and talents vary from person to person. Life experience and decisions made will dictate what one’s canvas looks like.

My canvas is littered with a plethora of purples and blues. I like those colors and chose them over others most of the time. I like to talk and write, preferably not at the same time. I paint with big sweeping motions and I smile a lot! I’m sure if you asked those closest to me they would point out other aspects of my canvas but those are the ones that jump out at me.

So the question is, what kind of painting are you creating with your canvas?

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