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Inten­tion­al Dis­ci­ple­ship con­tains a total of 21 lessons that are sep­a­rat­ed into two parts. At the end of each part there is a review. This for­mat works well for 12 week group stud­ies or in a one on one dis­ci­ple­ship set­ting.  

The mate­ri­al takes an in-depth look at how God cre­at­ed and designed us to func­tion. There are dis­cus­sion ques­tions and a spe­cial assign­ment at the end of each lesson to help apply the mate­ri­al.

Inten­tion­al Dis­ci­ple­ship uti­lizes Solomon’s Tem­ple as a mod­el to teach believ­ers about the human spir­it, soul and the body. Learn why the human spir­it should be the Gov­ern­ing Agent. Learn how to con­trol your thoughts and emo­tions. Learn how strong­holds devel­op, how to tear them down and how to replace ungod­ly decep­tions with the truth.