Have you ever had a light bulb go off in your head? You know what I’m talking about. That moment when you just have no inspiration and you’re stumbling around in the dark wondering what you’re bumping into until the light bulb comes roaring to life and illuminates everything?The-Light

We set up this blog site about a year ago with great intentions. However, when it came time to write I just couldn’t wrap my head around what to write. You could call it mini writer’s block. There was something about the thought that it was a writer’s blog so every post should be about writing. Mistake number one!

I woke up one day a few weeks ago and the light bulb went on. I realized that I don’t need to write about writing I need to write about life. The life of a writer.  Which, by the way, includes much more than just writing. It involves how do you find time to write and what do you write about? The answer is life.

I don’t need to be writing brilliant and inspired posts as much as I need to just share life. We are all faced with the day to day mundane activities that consume our time and energy. I think that’s why some of us like to escape into a good book.

We can scale Mount Everest or take a ride in a rocket ship to Mars and search for signs of life.  My personal favorite is to do something incredible and be a hero.

Inspired writing like that comes out of the mundane as we explore our imaginations taking flight.

I hope you will bear with me as I write about what ever inspires me from my life.  If you want to read my ramblings and join me on this journey of writing fiction and the nonfiction that is my life I would welcome the company!

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