Happy Thanksgiving


With another Thanksgiving upon us, I was recently reminded of one of our more memorable Thanksgivings. Sometimes the holidays play out like a Norman Rockwell painting. The turkey is perfectly golden brown and the trimmings are loaded on the table.  But other times it is a series of unexpected mini disasters. What we have to keep in mind is that it is often when things don’t go as planned that we create the best memories!

About 5 years ago we lived in a house that was a fixer upper. The kitchen was torn up so bad that half of the kitchen was gone. Just empty space with no cabinets or counter tops.  So I decided I could still pull off the massive Thanksgiving spread I just needed to be creative. So this year I got up early on Thanksgiving morning and put the turkey in the portable electric roasting oven. Carrying the roaster oven into another room where I had set up a folding table, I plugged it in to cook for the 5 hours necessary. Then I got out my two crockpots and filled them with goodies and plugged them in beside the roaster.

I was feeling pretty smart and accomplished and set to work whipping up the rest of the fixings to accompany the turkey. I was busy for hours creating everything a person could want for the proper Thanksgiving dinner. All is well in my world! I chased off all of my starving herd of children with the promise of a feast in no time at all!

Then when I felt it was about time for the turkey to be done and everything else was ready and waiting on that luscious bird I lifted the lid on the roaster. To my horror, I discovered that the variety of portable cooking units I had plugged in had flipped a fuse and the entire room was without power; including my eagerly anticipated turkey!

By now everyone in the house is hungry, all the other food is waiting to be eaten and the table is a beautiful example of perfection. But the turkey was still bleeding!

I cried. The kids laughed. My husband turned the power back on and distributed the power usage to different parts of the house. The turkey was now cooking again but it would be hours before it was done.

The perfection I had worked all day to achieve was ruined, or so I thought. A table full of tasty food and a raw turkey. We ate thanksgiving dinner that year in stages. After I overcame the disappointment, we laughed together. We ate turkey for leftovers instead of the meal and it was ok. It was one of the most memorable Thanksgivings we’ve had.

My whole point is simply that it is often that we have grand plans for grand things but things don’t always work out the way we imagined. Sometimes things go horribly wrong. Those are the times when it’s important to remember that when things go wrong it is an opportunity to bond with your family. The most bonding and relationship building happens when things don’t go exactly as planned. Learn to laugh and be thankful in those times and embrace the relationships you are forming with each and every raw, bleeding turkey!

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