Happy Birthday!

cake extra stuffBirth­days are a fun­ny thing. I just had anoth­er one and it was fab­u­lous. A lit­tle closer to my end des­ti­na­tion and the view was won­der­ful. But not all birth­days have been that way.

When I was young I eager­ly antic­i­pat­ed the day when I would be in the dou­ble dig­its. Then it’s the big 13! I’m final­ly a teenager! The next mile­stone was 18 and adult­hood was final­ly a real­i­ty. I marked off the days until the big 21.

Then it’s a down­hill, run­away train of birth­days that blur togeth­er in a whirl­wind of fly­ing years. Some years are bet­ter than oth­ers as we slog through this road of life. But ulti­mate­ly, each birth­day marks a new year, much like Jan­u­ary first. Each birth­day is an oppor­tu­ni­ty to reeval­u­ate who we are and where are going.

I like to think of it as a jour­ney on the high­way of life. Just as the actu­al high­way is marked with sign­posts and mile mark­ers so our birth­days are the mile mark­ers on our jour­ney. It also means we are closer, with each day, to our final des­ti­na­tion. The road will end, at some point, for each one of us.

And this brings me to the point of this lit­tle rant. No mat­ter where you are at, whether you’re young or old, enjoy each birth­day for what it is; a mark­er along the way. Stick that suck­er in the ground and march for­ward. Don’t waste time look­ing in the rear view mir­ror. Embrace the adven­ture that lies before you!

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