Give thanks with a grate­ful heart.

I have often thought about the expres­sion of grat­i­tude and the effect on the recip­i­ent. My daugh­ter loves all things hors­es. She eats, breathes, and thinks hors­es! So when she had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to vol­un­teer at a week long horse camp, of course, she want­ed to do it. But that meant I had to get up ear­ly every day and dri­ve her out to the ranch. And then dri­ve out there again when I got done work­ing and pick her up. Every. Day.

The first day wasn’t so bad. But by Wednes­day, I was ready for a break. I had oth­er things to do. I had oth­er pri­or­i­ties that need­ed tend­ing to. So why did I keep doing it? Grat­i­tude.

Every day right before she would get out of the car, she would turn to me and say, “You’re the best mom ever. Thank you for dri­ving me out here!” and her smile was con­ta­gious. The joy that seeped out of her made it all worth it.

She didn’t take it for grant­ed or assume that I had to do this for her. She acknowl­edged and appre­ci­at­ed the sac­ri­fice I was mak­ing. Wow! We could all learn a lesson from her.

God is our Heav­en­ly Father and He does so much for us and on our behalf that we can’t even begin to com­pre­hend. How many of us take all that He does for us for grant­ed? When was the last time you stopped and thanked him for the air you breathe?

The Bible is full of dec­la­ra­tions of thanks­giv­ing. In Eph­esians 5:20 it says, “Always giv­ing thanks for all things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to God even the Father.”

Give thanks for all things!

As an earth­ly par­ent, when my kids show grat­i­tude for some­thing I do for them I am moti­vat­ed to do more. When my daugh­ter takes the time to turn to me and declare her thank­ful­ness I want to give her the world.

How much more so does God like it when we give Him thanks? How much more so does God want to give us bless­ings when we are grate­ful for the small things?

Give thanks with a grate­ful heart.

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