Give thanks with a grateful heart.

I have often thought about the expression of gratitude and the effect on the recipient. My daughter loves all things horses. She eats, breathes, and thinks horses! So when she had the opportunity to volunteer at a week long horse camp, of course, she wanted to do it. But that meant I had to get up early every day and drive her out to the ranch. And then drive out there again when I got done working and pick her up. Every. Day.

The first day wasn’t so bad. But by Wednesday, I was ready for a break. I had other things to do. I had other priorities that needed tending to. So why did I keep doing it? Gratitude.

Every day right before she would get out of the car, she would turn to me and say, “You’re the best mom ever. Thank you for driving me out here!” and her smile was contagious. The joy that seeped out of her made it all worth it.

She didn’t take it for granted or assume that I had to do this for her. She acknowledged and appreciated the sacrifice I was making. Wow! We could all learn a lesson from her.

God is our Heavenly Father and He does so much for us and on our behalf that we can’t even begin to comprehend. How many of us take all that He does for us for granted? When was the last time you stopped and thanked him for the air you breathe?

The Bible is full of declarations of thanksgiving. In Ephesians 5:20 it says, “Always giving thanks for all things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to God even the Father.”

Give thanks for all things!

As an earthly parent, when my kids show gratitude for something I do for them I am motivated to do more. When my daughter takes the time to turn to me and declare her thankfulness I want to give her the world.

How much more so does God like it when we give Him thanks? How much more so does God want to give us blessings when we are grateful for the small things?

Give thanks with a grateful heart.

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