God of the Weather

20160419_192529_resizedHave you ever made plans for something that was dependent on the weather? An event or activity with lots of people invited and a lot of coordinating. Then, as the day approached you watched the weather forecast and felt that sick feeling in your stomach as black rain clouds rolled into view!

I recently had this experience. It was one of my kid’s birthday and the request was to hike up to a waterfall and spend the day playing with friends. That’s not complicated, but it is when the weather forecast is littered with predictions of thunder and lightning and lots of rain! Not a good combination for a birthday party success.

I felt my stress level rising and realized that I needed help. I started praying. I began asking for a change in the weather. Lord, blow the clouds and storm away until after the party.

I asked, but I was still feeling stressed. I was grumpy and uptight. Even though I allowed the stress of the situation to affect me I kept praying. Lord, Help!

We decided to go ahead with the plans and hope for the best. A contingency plan was in place in case we got rained out and we drove to the head of the trail.

We hiked and played and swam all afternoon. It was a beautiful day. Then we drove to our house and had a bonfire and roasted hotdogs. It was a good time with a crowd of friends all sitting around the fire laughing and talking. The real funny thing was, as soon as we were all done eating, black clouds rolled in and the sky opened up with rain.

As cool as that is what’s really noteworthy and the entire point of this story was what God revealed to me later. It’s a simple truth that can change so much if we really trust Him.

“My child, I can control the weather. I will also do those other things you are waiting for too.”

Did you catch that? God can control the weather! There is nothing He cannot do. Our job is to trust Him.

I allowed myself to become anxious. I was asking, but I was struggling with believing. I have many things in my life that I have to continually give to God. They are impossible looking things. Things that are beyond me, but not beyond God!

I want to remind you that if God can control the weather, surely He can do for you whatever you are waiting for in your life. Do not lose heart. Keep your eyes on Jesus and give your burdens to Him.


  • Dad

    Reply Reply June 30, 2016

    Well hay season is upon us ,need about a week of good weather, hum , looks like rain in AM wear did all that sunshine come from, ah the life of a rancher ,Ang dad’s proud of you don’t all ways agree but still proud of you ,hugs ,love you

    • Angela Smuin

      Reply Reply July 6, 2016

      Thanks dad! I will pray for the right weather for the right work!
      Love you too!

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