God Can Move That Mountain!

Cliff-in-Clouds.jpgDo you believe that God is able to move the mountains in your life? No matter who you are or what your life looks like, there are mountains that loom like great insurmountable obstacles. I’m talking about obstacles of Mount Everest proportion.

It may look hopeless and your heart may be so heavy that you might as well have a 200 lb. pack on your back. Most of us have felt that way at some point in our lives. And most of us have no idea the kind of load that the people around us are carrying or what kind of mountains they are facing.

Even in those situations… Do you believe that God is able to move that mountain? Do you really trust Him? Are you willing to go out on the ledge and let God direct where your footsteps land?

I’m facing some herculean mountains in my own life right now and as I am slowly making my way on the side of this mountain in the dark and the cold and the unknown, I am learning a lot about trusting God. With bleeding arms from scraping the side of the mountain and an aching heart, I am learning to trust God.

People looking on have lots of opinions. People love to tell others what they should do in any given situation. The problem is that God is the only one that knows where each and every crevice and crack are on the side of that mountain. It reminds me of what the Bible says about man’s wisdom versus God’s wisdom.

Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men. 1 Corinthians 1:25

I cannot even count how many times in my life I have done things that according to others was foolish. But upon doing what God told me to do, I was able to climb to the top of mountains and soar with the eagles. Had I followed the advice and counsel of others, instead of God, I would have been out of His will for my life.

When faced with massive obstacles and mountains there have been times when I have laid out a fleece and then had to wait for God to do what I knew only He could do. It can be a very difficult place to be; that holding and waiting place. It can be agonizing! It can also be very tempting to try to move that mountain on your own. Remember, that if you try to do what only God can do… you are in the way!

You do not know what God is doing in situations and in other people. Far too often we stop waiting prematurely and we will never know what God would have done had we just waited on His timing.

I want to encourage each of you to tackle those mountains in your life by first asking God what He wants you to do? It is not in the flesh or human power that we overcome. We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. We overcome by leaning not on our own understanding but on the wisdom that comes from God. We overcome by trusting God to do what only He can do.

Then be sure to do what He tells you to do no matter what others say or do. It is important that we stay out of God’s way. Then wait. No matter how much you want to do it yourself. Wait. And come what may, rest in His peace that surpasses all understanding! Rest in His will for your situation, not what others say or do.

God can move that mountain in your life!

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