Floating Dinghy of Terror

20160617_133459_resizedWe take so much for grant­ed. The next day is expect­ed to come when we open our eyes. But things can change in the blink of an eye. With­in sec­onds the life that you take for grant­ed can be changed forever. In the blink of an eye!

I was remind­ed of this fact over the week­end. We were in Flori­da spend­ing time with some dear friends. Of course a trip to the beach is a must when one is in sun­ny Flori­da. So we arrived at the beach with a vari­ety of flota­tion devices in tow.

Our friends brought some­thing I had nev­er thought to bring to the beach, but it was per­fect­ly delight­ful! An air mat­tress. I’m talk­ing the kind you blow up and sleep on. Not the small ones that your but hits the floor when you sit in the mid­dle of it. This was a mam­moth mat­tress that even a princess would not feel a pee if it was under it. It was at least 2 feet high when it was blown up.

Talk about float­ing in style!  We all played on it and laughed and had a great time. Then my friend and I decid­ed it was our turn. We both climbed on. I can say it was quite a feat just get­ting on the float­ing hulk as the waves crashed again­st it!

We lay on our stom­achs and were look­ing at each oth­er talk­ing for only a few min­utes. Those were a sweet few min­utes of peace and seren­i­ty enjoy­ing good com­pa­ny and the rock­ing of the waves. Then we both rose up and looked around.

Now before I con­tin­ue, I just have to add that I am not very fond of water. I am not a real swim­mer. Sure I can get in a pool and pro­pel myself from one side to the oth­er. But stick me in the deep end where the water is over my head and my pan­ic mode kicks in and it is not pret­ty! I sink real­ly well!

So, my eyes fall on Dave on the shore and my friend’s hus­band swim­ming as hard as he can try­ing to reach us. That amaz­ing, tall air mat­tress was an equal­ly amaz­ing sail­boat! The com­bi­na­tion of the waves and the wind pro­pelled us out to sea in a mat­ter of a few min­utes. We were out in water well over my head and mov­ing quite fast out to sea. We both stick our hands in the water and pad­dle but all we man­aged to do was to go in slight cir­cles as we con­tin­ued our jour­ney to the open sea!

Dave is yelling from the beach, “Get off the mat­tress!” repeat­ed­ly! I very quick­ly real­ize that this could be very bad if I just sit here. I watched as my friend slid off on her side and start­ed swim­ming while try­ing to drag the float­ing mat­tress with her. Her hus­band was still fight­ing the cur­rent but not quite reach­ing us.

I test­ed the side of the mat­tress to see if I would be able to hold it once I got into the water. Check. I should be able to grip it. Then I anx­ious­ly slipped off the rel­a­tive safe­ty of the float­ing dinghy of ter­ror!

Upon hit­ting the water I real­ized that the water was well over my head and noth­ing but water touched my fran­ti­cal­ly mov­ing toes! The once secure float­ing boat was also very hard to grip. The pan­ic but­ton inside my head went off and I had to focus on the task at hand. Kick­ing with my feet and des­per­ate­ly grip­ping the small ridge of plas­tic on the mat­tress.

Her hus­band reached us and start­ed pro­pelling us back toward the safe­ty of dry land and even­tu­al­ly my feet touched sand. I have nev­er been so hap­py to feel that course sand under my toes as I was that day.

But as I sat on the beach watch­ing every­one play I real­ized how fast every­thing can change. The secure life that we live can be turned into a night­mare, in a blink of an eye.

Had we wait­ed to sit up for just a few more min­utes there would have been noth­ing any­one could have done but watch us float out to sea and call the coast guard to res­cue us.

You may not have a pow­er­ful fear of the water like me so this may not have been a prob­lem for you. But that is just an exam­ple of how fast things can go from good to bad.

Cher­ish the good. Val­ue those in your life that make you smile. Embrace the joys and even the sor­rows. Because in a split sec­ond it can all change. And it will! In the blink of an eye, it will!


  • Marcy

    Reply Reply June 25, 2016

    Wow, what a pow­er­ful post! I felt like I was right there, wait, I was! Ha Ha. What a gift you have for bring­ing out spir­i­tu­al exam­ples from every­day (well may­be not every­day) occur­rences! Thanks for the reminder to not take things for grant­ed! M.

    • Angela Smuin

      Reply Reply June 25, 2016

      It is in the sim­plic­i­ty of the every­day that we can learn the most! I’m glad we shared this moment in time togeth­er!

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