Dream Big

I recently had the privilege of watching my daughter compete in a horse show. She was so excited to spend the entire day with her beloved favorite animal. It required us to get up early and drive an hour and a half so we could be there with plenty of time to spare.

Upon arrival, the excitement in the air was buzzing with young people of all ages eagerly waiting their turn. My daughter quickly made herself busy immersing herself in the experience. She didn’t hold anything back or expend any energy on anything but what was right in front of her. She was wholly engaged with life in the moment of pursuing her dream.

How many of us can say the same thing? We each have dreams that simmer somewhere deep within. But are you pursuing your dream with focus and determination?

One of the interesting things that happened that day was a particular young lady that was energized and enthusiastic about riding a rather large horse! I watched as she entered the ring when called. She circled several times and all seemed well. Then the most unexpected thing happened. The horse bucked and she was thrown to the ground. Gasps echoed through the room as we waited for her to get up and they tried to catch the horse. She rose and dusted herself off as gracefully as she could. Then, she got back on! In another class, she got bucked off again! The second time it took her a little longer to get back up but she did none the less.  The determination and focus she displayed even in the face of pain and difficulty was inspiring to watch.

Then it was my daughter’s turn to go out in the ring and display her skill and ability. Her horse jumped the first hurdle with ease but somewhere between landing the first jump and lining up for the second jump her foot came out of the stirrup. There are many factors involved in successfully jumping a horse. One of those factors is the leverage one acquires with the stirrups. I watched with some trepidation as she went over the next jump and clung with all her might to her horse. She landed and very quickly reclaimed the lost stirrup. She recovered from a fumble that could have ended with her flat on her back. Her determination to stay the course no matter what made her a victor. She beamed with personal satisfaction knowing she did her best even in the face of what could have been a failure to stay seated.

Both of these girls had challenges they had to overcome. In the face of great difficulties, they did not back down but instead relentlessly pursued their dreams. They were focused and determined.

We can all learn something about relentlessly and persistently pursuing our dreams and ambitions. With so many distractions to get in the way I want to encourage you to stay focused and even though many things may seem out of reach…stretch for the stars. If you take a tumble and things don’t turn out like you had hoped… get back up, dust yourself off,  and do it again! Don’t give up! Don’t quit! Dream big and reach for the stars!

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