Don’t Miss the Journey

Time goes so fast, don’t miss the jour­ney

I always heard that kids grow up so fast but it wasn’t until some of my kids became adults that I ful­ly under­stood this. I can vivid­ly remem­ber each child when they were born. To me, it feels like yes­ter­day. But as my once young son left my home for the Mari­nes I real­ized how short the time real­ly was.

It can be so easy to get caught up in the busi­ness of life and lose sight of what real­ly mat­ters in the moment. Times like when that tod­dler is get­ting into every­thing and we haven’t show­ered in three days because there is no way that lit­tle guy can be left alone for 5 min­utes, let alone time to take a show­er.  Or for the third night in a row, you are stuck sit­ting in the rock­ing chair hold­ing a sick baby. In those moments take a deep breath and enjoy every sec­ond of it. Breathe in the scent of your baby’s hair and cap­ture it in your mind. Slow down and sit with your grow­ing child and col­or the pic­ture togeth­er.  When your preschool­er walks up to you with a book and asks you to read it, stop what you’re doing and snug­gle that pre­cious child close as you read that book for the 100th time.

Embrace each one of those small moments for the pre­cious gift they are.

Chil­dren are filled with awe for the small things in life. Slow down and allow your­self to be filled with that same awe of dis­cov­ery that is bub­bling over in your child. Stop and smell the ros­es while your child still wants to smell them with you.

Don’t get so caught up in the busi­ness of life that you miss the jour­ney.


  • Jess

    Reply Reply December 20, 2016

    Mer­ry Christ­mas! We will have to talk soon, i want to hear all about you guys and I would love to share how our dear Lord is work­ing in my min­istry💚

    I so agree with your blog. It reminds me of the essay the young hero­ine in The Bells of St.Mary wrote. She was asked to write about our 5 sens­es. Father O’ mal­ley sug­gest­ed we have a 6 th sense., a gift from our dear Lord,.…being in the moment to love and appre­ci­ate every gift in cre­ation. She expand­ed the thought to say if we couldn’t appre­ci­ate every moment, per­son, and thing with all of our being.…we were not using our sens­es.

    • Angie Smuin

      Reply Reply December 23, 2016

      Thank you, Jess! I would love to catch up! 

      Yes, we often rush through life and don’t slow down enough to tru­ly enjoy life with those around us with all of our sens­es! It is always a good reminder to slow down and embrace life to the fullest!

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