Cleansing Tears

heartThere are some things in life that hurt. I’m not talk­ing about stub your toe hurt or paper cut hurt. I’m talk­ing about the kind of hurt that you can’t put a band aid on or clean up the dirt that can cause an infec­tion. It’s messy in a place with­in that you can’t scrub clean no mat­ter how hard you try.

It’s a deep emo­tion­al hurt that breaks your heart and crush­es your spir­it. The kind that keeps you up at night. The kind that makes you burst into spon­ta­neous tears.  The kind that can be a source of great tor­ment deep inside. It’s like an itch you can’t reach. A fes­ter­ing sore that aches.

Let’s face it, this life is messy. Peo­ple and events that are out of our con­trol can leave tracks on our hearts and minds that can seem insur­mount­able to over­come. The pain can feel like a tidal wave that picks you up and car­ries you away, near­ly drown­ing you before deposit­ing you who knows where!

In those times I just want to remind you that it’s OK to cry. Cry­ing wash­es out the neg­a­tive emo­tions. It’s a release valve. Don’t plug up the cleans­ing flow of tears. Let your­self cry. Let your­self feel. Let your­self heal.

A phys­i­cal wound must be cleaned, ban­daged and given time to scab over and form new skin. So too, an emo­tion­al wound must be cleaned, and given time to heal. So for those of you that are in this place of emo­tion­al wound­ing, remem­ber to give your­self time, to cry as often as you need to, and to embrace the fol­low­ing truth.

Psalm 34:18 says, “The Lord is near to the bro­ken­heart­ed, and saves those who are crushed in spir­it.

If you are feel­ing bro­ken­hearted or crushed in spir­it, remem­ber that God sees your pain and is with you. Can you feel His arms about you? Look to Him in your times of bro­ken­ness and He will be faith­ful to see you through.

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