Cease Striving

Peace, Striving

Cease striv­ing and know that I am God.”

I sat down to write a blog post and dis­cov­ered that I had noth­ing to say! My mind and body were so over­whelmed with how busy I was that I couldn’t think, let alone come up with some pro­found word to share with you.

I found myself won­der­ing where I could find the off switch. Could I just flip a switch and have some down time? Nope! No. Off. Switch.

May­be you can relate. Life can be so full of activ­i­ties that we don’t take time to be still. I find that in those times I need to remind myself that it is a good thing to stop each day and spend time with Jesus. It is in this down time that it is pos­si­ble to reorder the inner man.

Psalm 46:10a says, “Cease striv­ing and know that I am God.”

To cease striv­ing requires that we slow down and stop the busy­ness even if just for a few min­utes. That can be a tough thing to do at times.  There have been times when I over­slept and rolled out of bed with a fren­zy that filled my entire day.  I did not take the time to start my day out the right way and the rip­ple effect was pro­found.

So today I want to encour­age you to slow down and spend some time focused on what is real­ly impor­tant. Time spent read­ing the Bible and pray­ing. Com­mit your day to the Lord for His pur­pos­es and He will direct your path.

Cease striv­ing and know that I am God.”

May the peace of God be man­i­fest in your life!

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