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Young Adult Fic­tion


I am so excit­ed! Ang­ie is sub­mit­ting the last bit of infor­ma­tion for our new book Mal­adore. It will be pub­lished in the next few weeks.

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Updating the Blog

Dust­ing off the blog site and going to give it anoth­er go! What would you like to see? More Chris­tian poet­ry Mean­ing­ful blogs about par­ent­ing The Chris­tian life How about some updates on our cur­rent writ­ing projects Give us your opin­ion and help guide the blog as we get start­ed, again!

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Writing — The Great Adventure

DNA Writing Team

It’s final­ly time.  We have been writ­ing, re-writ­ing and writ­ing more.  We are now at the place of start­ing a writ­ers blog. This is a great adven­ture for us as writ­ers and as a hus­band and wife writ­ing team. Come trav­el along with us on this great adven­ture of writ­ing. Dave

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