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My Hero!

There seems to be so many books, movies and TV shows about super­heroes. Due to a freak acci­dent or twist of genet­ics a per­son has super strength or can see through walls. One of my per­son­al favorites is Cap­tain Amer­i­ca, a sci­ence project of chem­i­cals that were inject­ed into his oth­er­wise small phys­i­cal body and…

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Spring has Sprung

Spring has sprung where I live. What used to be brown is quick­ly turn­ing green. Daf­fodils are emerg­ing and bright­en­ing the land­scape every­where I go. I think it’s tru­ly fas­ci­nat­ing that God cre­at­ed the sea­sons to not only mark time but as part of the cycle of life. It’s a rebirth of things that had died…

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Cleansing Tears

There are some things in life that hurt. I’m not talk­ing about stub your toe hurt or paper cut hurt. I’m talk­ing about the kind of hurt that you can’t put a band aid on or clean up the dirt that can cause an infec­tion. It’s messy in a place with­in that you can’t scrub clean no…

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Happy Birthday!

Birth­days are a fun­ny thing. I just had anoth­er one and it was fab­u­lous. A lit­tle closer to my end des­ti­na­tion and the view was won­der­ful. But not all birth­days have been that way. When I was young I eager­ly antic­i­pat­ed the day when I would be in the dou­ble dig­its. Then it’s the big 13!…

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Best Friend for Life

Friend­ship is a fun­ny thing. Some peo­ple come into your life and you’re fast friends, for a time. And then they’re gone. They move on, life cir­cum­stances change, new jobs, new schools or sim­ply the busi­ness of life choked out your pre­cious time togeth­er and you drift apart. I’ve often won­dered why some peo­ple come and…

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Shimmer on Kindle Direct

  I have good news for every­one that has wait­ed to get a copy of Shim­mer: The Chron­i­cles of Mal­adore. It is now part of the Kindle Direct pro­gram. If you are a sub­scriber, it is free.  Per­fect time to read the first one if you missed out because the sec­ond one is almost done.…

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