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My Hero!

There seems to be so many books, movies and TV shows about superheroes. Due to a freak accident or twist of genetics a person has super strength or can see through walls. One of my personal favorites is Captain America, a science project of chemicals that were injected into his otherwise small physical body and…

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Spring has Sprung

Spring has sprung where I live. What used to be brown is quickly turning green. Daffodils are emerging and brightening the landscape everywhere I go. I think it’s truly fascinating that God created the seasons to not only mark time but as part of the cycle of life. It’s a rebirth of things that had…

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Cleansing Tears

There are some things in life that hurt. I’m not talking about stub your toe hurt or paper cut hurt. I’m talking about the kind of hurt that you can’t put a band aid on or clean up the dirt that can cause an infection. It’s messy in a place within that you can’t scrub clean no…

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Happy Birthday!

Birthdays are a funny thing. I just had another one and it was fabulous. A little closer to my end destination and the view was wonderful. But not all birthdays have been that way. When I was young I eagerly anticipated the day when I would be in the double digits. Then it’s the big…

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Best Friend for Life

Friendship is a funny thing. Some people come into your life and you’re fast friends, for a time. And then they’re gone. They move on, life circumstances change, new jobs, new schools or simply the business of life choked out your precious time together and you drift apart. I’ve often wondered why some people come…

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Shimmer on Kindle Direct

  I have good news for everyone that has waited to get a copy of Shimmer: The Chronicles of Maladore. It is now part of the Kindle Direct program. If you are a subscriber, it is free.  Perfect time to read the first one if you missed out because the second one is almost done.…

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