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Another Sneak Peek!

I have not posted in a little while because I’ve been super busy finishing up all of the details of publishing! But… The Proof copy of Redemption’s Price is now in my hands. The time is getting close. The Clock is ticking down.  Eek! I’m excited to share this story with all of you! I…

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The Reality of Self Publishing

Shimmer: The Chronicles of Maladore

There are many advantages to getting a big publishing house to publish your book. They do the editing, formatting and cover design for you. You write the book and they take care of the production aspects. That’s great but what about the rights to the book? So sorry, the publishing house now owns your book.…

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Sneak Peek!!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked, “What happens to Saphire?” and “Is Carnoff alive?” Well, your  wait is almost over. We are returning to the land of Maladore! Yes, the next installment in The Chronicles of Maladore is almost done. I just sent it back to the editor with all the…

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Redemption’s Price is Editor Bound!

And the new title is… Redemption’s Price. After brainstorming and writing and rewriting and well… more rewriting… I am excited to announce that the long journey to complete the second book in the Chronicles of Maladore is nearing its end. It has just been sent to the editor! For those of you that have hounded…

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Moot and Mute

It’s time to expand your vocabulary. I had a college professor that required us to make cards of new words every week. By the end of the semester I had a huge stack of cards with words I had never heard of before that time. One of the words I learned that semester was “moot.”…

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Mothering Instinct

I live on property that overlooks a very large pond. When I say large I mean it is an acre of water. The previous owner of the property lives in a house adjacent to the property. She has 3 ducks that she feeds that actually still live at the pond. They travel from our pond…

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