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Poet­ry flows from the depths of mind, emo­tion and spir­it. It should stream forth from deep with­in and make way for a bit of mys­tery and reflec­tion. One must judge for them­selves if it is dark or just por­tray­ing shades of light and hope.


I run, I hide, I don’t want to be bro­ken. Yet the pain of cir­cum­stance over­takes me. Wash­es over me like a wave. Crash­ing, turn­ing, and churn­ing. Tossed about by life’s unend­ing agony. Liv­ing in such pain. Bro­ken as I am, on the rocks of despair. The tears roll down. All joy has flown away. No hope in sight, till as…

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Words Fail Me

Words fail me. The cas­cade of crush­ing pain over­whelms my sens­es in a cacoph­o­ny of gasps and groans. And words fail me. I feel the spasm of my lungs as I strug­gle to breath and wrack­ing sobs swamp my sens­es. And words fail me. Tears flow with total aban­don like a wild water­fall crash­ing and crush­ing…

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Yet I Arise

You ruth­less­ly beat me down Yet, I arise I refuse to per­ish at your hand You strike again, again and again Yet, I arise Rage fills you and empow­ers anoth­er blow Yet, I arise Per­plexed by your inabil­i­ty to destroy you curse Yet, I stand firm Weak and piti­ful, yet unyield­ing and strong How can it be, where does the strength come from? Anoth­er onslaught…

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Your Eyes

When I look into your eyes I am cap­ti­vat­ed Words utter­ly fail to express what I see Such Depth, Such Beau­ty, Such Love How can it be That you would smile at me?

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Updating the Blog

Dust­ing off the blog site and going to give it anoth­er go! What would you like to see? More Chris­tian poet­ry Mean­ing­ful blogs about par­ent­ing The Chris­tian life How about some updates on our cur­rent writ­ing projects Give us your opin­ion and help guide the blog as we get start­ed, again!

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In cel­e­bra­tion of our new writ­ers blog I want­ed to post a lit­tle dark poet­ry. What rejoic­ing there would be if the illu­mi­na­tion of the soul were to return and dri­ve out the dark­ness which per­me­ates such depths? Its sub­tle inva­sion creeps along with­out notice until that which once shined is unrec­og­niz­able and but a…

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