Learning Servanthood during Hanukkah

Dur­ing Hanukkah, we light the can­dles in the Hanukki­ah and we remem­ber the mir­a­cles that God did for His peo­ple so many years ago. But what I want to talk about is how we light the can­dles and with what. We light the mid­dle can­dle first and use it to light all the rest. It…

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A Christmas Gift!

I just want­ed to say Mer­ry Christ­mas to all of my friends out there. As you cel­e­brate, remem­ber the real Christ­mas gift of the birth of our Sav­ior, Jesus. It was oh so long ago and yet it is still the most impor­tant gift you will ever receive. Jesus hum­bled Him­self, was born a wee baby,…

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Don’t Miss the Journey

Time goes so fast, don’t miss the jour­ney I always heard that kids grow up so fast but it wasn’t until some of my kids became adults that I ful­ly under­stood this. I can vivid­ly remem­ber each child when they were born. To me, it feels like yes­ter­day. But as my once young son left…

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Happy Thanksgiving

With anoth­er Thanks­giv­ing upon us, I was recent­ly remind­ed of one of our more mem­o­rable Thanks­giv­ings. Some­times the hol­i­days play out like a Nor­man Rock­well paint­ing. The turkey is per­fect­ly gold­en brown and the trim­mings are load­ed on the table.  But oth­er times it is a series of unex­pect­ed mini dis­as­ters. What we have to…

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Life is a Journey

Life is a jour­ney, or so they say. I’ve accept­ed that mantra to be true most of my life. I didn’t real­ly ques­tion it since it just made sense to me. But I have recent­ly given this a lot of thought and what I dis­cov­ered was that life real­ly is a jour­ney. Or more pre­cise­ly,…

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The Lord’s Prayer Part 2

Bible in the air

The Lord’s prayer part 2 Give us this day our dai­ly bread, This is ask­ing for the pro­vi­sion need­ed to meet all of our needs. We can bold­ly ask the Lord to meet those needs and then trust Him to do so. This requires faith and the belief that God knows what we need before we even…

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