Book Review: Aftermath

After­math by Keiah Ellis is for those that enjoy Ted Deck­er and Frank Peretti. It is filled with the twists and turns of the spir­i­tu­al bat­tle that rages all around us. There is a ter­ri­ble acci­dent that has reper­cus­sions in the lives of the peo­ple in the town.  As the sto­ry unfolds we get a glimpse of the…

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Book Review: Secrets Abounding

Secrets Abound­ing is the fourth install­ment in the Unfor­got­ten Past series by Bri­an­ne E. Pry­or. I was real­ly excit­ed to read this final book in the series. I was not dis­ap­point­ed. From the first few pages, it kept me turn­ing the pages want­i­ng more. It is an action packed book that is filled with twists…

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Book Review: Days of Our Future

Days of Our Future is the sequel to The Unfor­got­ten Past. It is an excel­lent fol­low-up book by a promis­ing new author, Bri­an­ne E. Pry­or. It con­tin­ues the sto­ry of LooAn­ne Nash and her com­pli­cat­ed fam­i­ly. As she sets out for the big city to get her edu­ca­tion she is swept up in intrigue, mur­der,…

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Book Review: Traiven’s Pass

Book review

Book review of Traiven’s Pass by Jes­si­ca Mari­nos. I went to a home­school con­ven­tion about 6 months ago. Oh, the bliss of walk­ing the vast exhibitor hall and gaz­ing long­ing­ly at the end­less tables of books! It’s a book lovers par­adise on steroids. I went from table to table sali­vat­ing over the many books I…

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Book Review: Exile


I just fin­ished read­ing Exile by Rachel Starr Thom­son. It is an intrigu­ing book about the bat­tle between good and evil in the spir­i­tu­al realm. It is fast paced and easy to read. I enjoyed it and found it to be thought pro­vok­ing. I like read­ing books that make me think. This one did just that.…

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The Unforgotten Past Part 2

The Unfor­got­ten Past part 2 , by Bri­an­ne E. Pry­or, is the con­tin­u­ing sto­ry of mil­lion­aire Ricky Nash and his niece, LooAn­ne. The book picks right up where part 1 fin­ished. LooAn­ne goes to bed angry with harsh words being spo­ken. She is awok­en in the mid­dle of the night to the house con­sumed with fire. LooAn­ne…

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