Do the impossible!

I love the ocean. I love the sand between my toes and the sounds that are so unique to the beach. The waves lapping onto the shore and tickling my feet is a little slice of paradise. The sun beaming down on my white skin feels sublime. The only thing I don’t like about the…

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Learning Servanthood during Hanukkah

During Hanukkah, we light the candles in the Hanukkiah and we remember the miracles that God did for His people so many years ago. But what I want to talk about is how we light the candles and with what. We light the middle candle first and use it to light all the rest. It…

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A Christmas Gift!

I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all of my friends out there. As you celebrate, remember the real Christmas gift of the birth of our Savior, Jesus. It was oh so long ago and yet it is still the most important gift you will ever receive. Jesus humbled Himself, was born a wee baby,…

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New Release!

Don’t miss out on your own copy of Intentional Discipleship. Intentional Discipleship takes a very purposeful approach to spiritual growth and spiritual formation. This is a great discipleship book for new believers as well as those who want to take their spiritual development to a new level. Intentional Discipleship works well in a one on…

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The Lord’s Prayer Part 2

Bible in the air

The Lord’s prayer part 2 Give us this day our daily bread, This is asking for the provision needed to meet all of our needs. We can boldly ask the Lord to meet those needs and then trust Him to do so. This requires faith and the belief that God knows what we need before…

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The Lord’s Prayer

I think everyone can agree that prayer is powerful and important. But what did Jesus have to say about it? He modeled how we should pray in Matthew 6. He starts out by telling the people that they should not pray because they want to impress those that might be listening. Prayer is to be…

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