Book Review: Traiven’s Pass

Book review

Book review of Traiven’s Pass by Jessica Marinos.

I went to a homeschool convention about 6 months ago. Oh, the bliss of walking the vast exhibitor hall and gazing longingly at the endless tables of books! It’s a book lovers paradise on steroids. I went from table to table salivating over the many books I wanted to buy and take home.

Then my eyes fell upon a young lady standing quietly behind a table. On the table was many copies of one book. She smiled as I approached. My curiosity got the best of me so I stopped to chat. Her name is Jessica Marinos. Chances are high that you have never heard of her before.  She is a new, homeschooled author.

I am very passionate about helping young people pursue their dreams so, in support; I purchased one of her books titled, Traiven’s  Pass. Now being the avid reader that I am, that book set on my bookshelf in line with the “to be read” books.

I recently grabbed it and started reading. I was pleasantly surprised to find a very well written story.  It drew me in within the first chapter with an easy to like girl and the tragedy of her father’s death. She is forced into making a choice to betray her heart or let down her family.

The story follows several different people but they are all interconnected by the key element of the missing King and the book of Truth. This story is an epic journey to discover how to rise above your situation and stand in the midst of the storm for what is right and true.

It left me wanting to read the next installment in the Trimont Trilogy.

The only drawback was that it was written in the first person, which I normally really like. However, in this case, Traiven’s Pass switches characters from chapter to chapter. It took me a bit to adjust to this. Jessica did a good job of handling the switches, but brace yourself for some head jumping.

If you enjoy historical Christian fiction you will enjoy this book. The castles, kings, knights and maidens in distress will draw you in and you will read well into the night!

Get your copy here: Traiven’s Pass by Jessica Marinos

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