Book Review: Traiven’s Pass

Book review

Book review of Traiven’s Pass by Jes­si­ca Mari­nos.

I went to a home­school con­ven­tion about 6 months ago. Oh, the bliss of walk­ing the vast exhibitor hall and gaz­ing long­ing­ly at the end­less tables of books! It’s a book lovers par­adise on steroids. I went from table to table sali­vat­ing over the many books I want­ed to buy and take home.

Then my eyes fell upon a young lady stand­ing qui­et­ly behind a table. On the table was many copies of one book. She smiled as I approached. My curios­i­ty got the best of me so I stopped to chat. Her name is Jes­si­ca Mari­nos. Chances are high that you have nev­er heard of her before.  She is a new, home­schooled author.

I am very pas­sion­ate about help­ing young peo­ple pur­sue their dreams so, in sup­port; I pur­chased one of her books titled, Traiven’s  Pass. Now being the avid read­er that I am, that book set on my book­shelf in line with the “to be read” books.

I recent­ly grabbed it and start­ed read­ing. I was pleas­ant­ly sur­prised to find a very well writ­ten sto­ry.  It drew me in with­in the first chap­ter with an easy to like girl and the tragedy of her father’s death. She is forced into mak­ing a choice to betray her heart or let down her fam­i­ly.

The sto­ry fol­lows sev­er­al dif­fer­ent peo­ple but they are all inter­con­nect­ed by the key ele­ment of the miss­ing King and the book of Truth. This sto­ry is an epic jour­ney to dis­cov­er how to rise above your sit­u­a­tion and stand in the mid­st of the storm for what is right and true.

It left me want­i­ng to read the next install­ment in the Tri­mont Tril­o­gy.

The only draw­back was that it was writ­ten in the first per­son, which I nor­mal­ly real­ly like. How­ev­er, in this case, Traiven’s Pass switch­es char­ac­ters from chap­ter to chap­ter. It took me a bit to adjust to this. Jes­si­ca did a good job of han­dling the switch­es, but brace your­self for some head jump­ing.

If you enjoy his­tor­i­cal Chris­tian fic­tion you will enjoy this book. The castles, kings, knights and maid­ens in dis­tress will draw you in and you will read well into the night!

Get your copy here: Traiven’s Pass by Jes­si­ca Mari­nos

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