Book Review: Exile


I just finished reading Exile by Rachel Starr Thomson.

It is an intriguing book about the battle between good and evil in the spiritual realm. It is fast paced and easy to read. I enjoyed it and found it to be thought provoking. I like reading books that make me think. This one did just that.

There are references to Jesus leaving and sending the Holy Spirit to the upper room and the disciples getting filled with the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. The Oneness is supposed to be the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in these special people.

The Oneness is a secret group of people that battle the forces of evil while the rest of us go about our business unaware.  That is such a reflection of what is happening in our society right now! The only way to fight demons and fallen angels is with spiritual weapons. Those that do not have Jesus and the Holy Spirit have no way to fight what they do not understand.

The author does take some liberties by making the elite force that fights the evil “The Oneness” but when one becomes a Christian one becomes part of something bigger than themselves. Eyes get opened to the battles that are raging all around us. It is through Jesus and the Holy Spirit that we are equipped to fight with spiritual weapon.

I enjoyed the way the author portrayed the battle between good and evil and how a person could be consumed by an evil spirit.

If you like reading about spiritual warfare you will enjoy this book!

Great read. Looking forward to reading the next one!  This one is 5 stars from me!!

To get your copy of Exile by Rachel Starr Thomson click here:  Exile: The Oneness Cycle

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