Book Review: Days of Our Future

Days of Our Future: Sequel to The Unforgotten Past by [Pryor, Brianne]

Days of Our Future is the sequel to The Unfor­got­ten Past. It is an excel­lent fol­low-up book by a promis­ing new author, Bri­an­ne E. Pry­or. It con­tin­ues the sto­ry of LooAn­ne Nash and her com­pli­cat­ed fam­i­ly. As she sets out for the big city to get her edu­ca­tion she is swept up in intrigue, mur­der, kid­nap­ping and a romance she didn’t want. Her secret iden­ti­ty can only be kept a secret so long. When her past catch­es up to her she must face her fears and fight for what is right.

I won’t spoil the sto­ry but there is one rela­tion­ship that she thought was lost to her forever that returns in an unex­pect­ed way. Will they allow hurt and unfor­give­ness to keep them apart or allow them­selves to for­give and love each oth­er again?

This is a well-writ­ten sto­ry. I enjoyed read­ing it and look for­ward to fur­ther sto­ries by this tal­ent­ed and gift­ed author.

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