Book Review: Days of Our Future

Days of Our Future: Sequel to The Unforgotten Past by [Pryor, Brianne]

Days of Our Future is the sequel to The Unforgotten Past. It is an excellent follow-up book by a promising new author, Brianne E. Pryor. It continues the story of LooAnne Nash and her complicated family. As she sets out for the big city to get her education she is swept up in intrigue, murder, kidnapping and a romance she didn’t want. Her secret identity can only be kept a secret so long. When her past catches up to her she must face her fears and fight for what is right.

I won’t spoil the story but there is one relationship that she thought was lost to her forever that returns in an unexpected way. Will they allow hurt and unforgiveness to keep them apart or allow themselves to forgive and love each other again?

This is a well-written story. I enjoyed reading it and look forward to further stories by this talented and gifted author.

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