Book Review: Aftermath

Aftermath by Keiah Ellis is for those that enjoy Ted Decker and Frank Peretti. It is filled with the twists and turns of the spiritual battle that rages all around us. There is a terrible accident that has repercussions in the lives of the people in the town.  As the story unfolds we get a glimpse of the way that angels and demons impact lives.

I really liked the way the author used names to indicate the nature of the entity behind the actual actions. “Ill Will,” “Lead Astray” and  “Heinous” are some of the names of characters that influence the various situations.

There are characters that choose to follow the advice and leading of those with ill intent but there are also those that choose to live righteously in spite of the tragedy. That is so like real life which is filled with choices that can have huge consequences. It is nice to be reminded that God sends His mighty angels to help us and provide a way of escape in times of trouble.

This is a great first book by new author, Keiah Ellis. I’m looking forward to the next one. Get your copy of Aftermath here.

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