Best Friend for Life

20141123_162814Friendship is a funny thing. Some people come into your life and you’re fast friends, for a time. And then they’re gone. They move on, life circumstances change, new jobs, new schools or simply the business of life choked out your precious time together and you drift apart.

I’ve often wondered why some people come and seem to be interwoven into the heart while others drift in and then out again as if a pleasant breeze carried them away. They grow distant like a faded memory. Some, on the other hand, becoming more like family than friend.

So what makes a true friend that stands the test of time? You know the ones that you can go a long time without speaking to but when you do it’s like you have never been apart. You somehow draw upon the long ago established relationship no matter how much time has passed.

I think there are several factors that connect two people at this intimate level that neither time nor distance can separate.

The first is shared experience. When two people are thrown together for some experience that they share together it creates a bridge or a bond of relationship that often remains. That shared experience can be anything from going to school together to working a job together day in and day out. It has to be something that is fairly consistent for some time. It’s like we build bridges inside of us and each moment we spend together puts more bricks and wood into the bridge.

Second, is opening of the heart to each other. We have to choose to let each other in. Sharing experience is not enough. We have to let the other person into our inner circle. We must open the door and welcome the other person in. It must be mutual.

Third, is intention. We must intentionally keep the friendship important. That can be hard to do when distance separates two friends. But not impossible.

I’ve made many friends over my lifetime but few have stayed in my life. They have come and gone based on many factors. Mostly, just life. Those that have stayed were because of one factor in particular. During our time together, the other person became embedded in my heart.

I can count on my hand those that I am fortunate to call “Best Friend.” I have one in my hometown and no matter how much time goes by she is my first “Best Friend for life” and she always will be. I have been blessed with one or two “Best Friends” in every place we have lived. And we have moved a lot.

What I know is that those are precious relationships that I value and am so thankful for.  I’ve heard it said that you only need one friend. I have found that to be true! If you have more, then you are extra blessed.

I challenge you to stop and take the time, with intention, and call one of your friends that you haven’t talked to in a while. Nurture a friendship today.

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