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Shimmer: The Chronicles of Maladore

Shimmer: The Chronicles of MaladoreIt’s time for another free promotion of Shimmer book 1 in The Chronicles of Maladore series. If you are looking for a good clean story with strong moral characters you need look no further. Some have enjoyed Shimmer so much they took the time to write a review.

This is what Sharon had to say about Shimmer:

I had fun reading this book. I really appreciated the strong moral characters and how they handled the difficult choices they faced. Stone was a true hero and worked hard to do what was right in spite of himself. It was his honor that won the heart of Lady Mariah. There was lots of action and the story drew me in. I read it all in one day because I could hardly put it down. I was glad my husband was driving the car when we went out because my mind of totally on the story.


This is what Paula thought about Shimmer:

I’ve been looking for a good read for relaxing and yet still a good message, and I found it in Shimmer! I love the storyline as well as the message in it! All young women and girls need to read this to understand what true love really behaves like! I can’t wait for the next one!

Don’t miss out on this wholesome read for the entire family. The best part is it is free for a limited time.  Share this post with your friends. They will thank you for it!

Grab your free copy here:

Shimmer: The Chronicles of Maladore

Once you are done reading Shimmer we have a special gift for all of our readers. This is an additional chapter that is not in the book as a treat to all of our readers. It tells a bit more of Stone’s story for those who love his character this will be enjoyed! Be sure to download the free missing chapter here:

Missing Chapter

Then when you have read both of those be sure to check out book 2 in the Chronicles of Maladore

Redemption's Price: The chronicles of Maladore book2

Redemptions Price

The story continues as Stone and Mariah struggle to overcome the forces that are set against them. They may have won the war but that doesn’t mean everyone is happy about that!

Is Carnoff still alive? Find out what happens to Sapphire. Will her threats amount to anything? Will Mariah ever be reunited with her father?

These questions and more are answered in Redemption’s Price: The Chronicles of Maladore book 2.  





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