Who are we?

We are a husband/wife writ­ing team who have worked through all of the dif­fi­cul­ties of mar­riage and now spend our free time wrestling with words togeth­er.  David has spent years telling amaz­ing bed­time sto­ries to our kids. After many requests from our kids to write them down we began our jour­ney in writ­ing.

We spend many late nights hash­ing out the lat­est grand adven­ture as our day­time is filled with the busi­ness of life with three kids home­school­ing. There is nev­er a dull moment in our cre­ativ­i­ty filled home. We can often be found tak­ing walks around our pond and enjoy­ing nature in its finest.

We have five amaz­ing chil­dren ages 28, 21, 16, 14 and 11.

Basi­cal­ly we are mas­ter jug­glers of life!  We laugh often as we plot out the next book in our writ­ing adven­ture.

Why do we write?

David has been a mas­ter sto­ry­teller for years. Com­bined with Angie’s love of books we decid­ed it was time to put the two togeth­er and share our sto­ries with oth­ers.

We write because we love the craft and the thrill of cre­at­ing some­thing worth shar­ing.


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