Who are we?

We are a husband/wife writing team who have worked through all of the difficulties of marriage and now spend our free time wrestling with words together.  David has spent years telling amazing bedtime stories to our kids. After many requests from our kids to write them down we began our journey in writing.

We spend many late nights hashing out the latest grand adventure as our daytime is filled with the business of life with three kids homeschooling. There is never a dull moment in our creativity filled home. We can often be found taking walks around our pond and enjoying nature in its finest.

We have five amazing children ages 28, 21, 16, 14 and 11.

Basically we are master jugglers of life!  We laugh often as we plot out the next book in our writing adventure.

Why do we write?

David has been a master storyteller for years. Combined with Angie’s love of books we decided it was time to put the two together and share our stories with others.

We write because we love the craft and the thrill of creating something worth sharing.


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